Vortex – NFT, Web3 Website | UI | Ghost Runner Design Style | Figma | Prototype


In the Vortex?

From Figma to Cyberpunk – that’s the journey of Vortex. 

Vortex is an AI – driven, NFT project in collaboration with Cyro. This dark, gritty, and hyper attractive website features a merge of modernism and gothic aesthetics. 

Providing a collection of multipurpose NFTs and a prestine lore, 33K avatars and prosperities. 

The design style is highly inspired by Cyberpunk and GhostRunner universe. My focus was to create the design in such a way that it acts like a Vortex for viewers. 


How to create Dark and GhostRunner theme for a website? This was the main question. Merging website design and digital story telling with a theme is always a challenging task. 


Started from the whiteboard, minmised the content of the website to mere basics, and started creating Graphic Design in GhostRunner theme. Then transitioned the graphic design towards UI design to create the website. 

Therefore, by merging two domains, a merge of two different styles was formed.


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December 15, 2023

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