This is a UI / UX & Web Design Project.

PR Marketing Agency // Landing Page // Figma // Analytics

  • Market Research
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototype

Story time below!!

Starting with a story because, why not?

Once upon a time in the colorful world of the internet, there was a place called Marketing. It was a magical place, not because it had wizards or dragons, but because it was the home of a special agency called “Pulse”. 

Pulse was like a superhero for blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, and NFT businesses. They helped these special businesses tell their stories and share their amazing ideas with the world. 

One day, the creative wizards and witches at Pulse decided they needed a new look for their website. They wanted to show the world how they could make these blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses shine like bright stars in the night sky.

So, they started their magical journey of designing the perfect website. And they reached out to a wise old designer mage who heard their dream and started on the journey to make it a reality. 

The Process

1. First, the old designer mage gathered them all around a big round table and brainstormed. They talked about what made blockchain and NFT businesses so special and how they could tell that story with pictures and words. 

2. Then, the designer mage drew sketches on pieces of paper. He wanted the website to feel like a treasure map, where you could explore all the amazing things Pulse had done for their clients. 

3. Next, he started building the website. He used the power of colors, like the colors of twilight, to make it look exciting and fun. Searched and added the ancient symbols from the old ages to write all the information on the website. And then he added pictures of happy clients and their success stories. 

4. But the most important part was making the website easy to use. He created buttons and links that were like secret doors, leading you to all the cool stuff Pulse had done. 

5. The Website was tested to make sure everything worked perfectly. Everyone wanted it to be as smooth as a gentle breeze.

6. Then it was sent to the wizards we call developers who worked their magic on the designer mage’s work and created the flux of thoughts imagined. 

7. Finally, they launched the new website, and it was a hit! People from all over the internet came to visit. They were amazed by how Pulse had made blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses look so incredible and beautiful.


    And so, the magical journey of designing the Pulse website came to an end. The creative old designer mage was done and people at Pulse were proud of the work, and they knew they would continue to help blockchain, cryptocurrency, web3, and NFT businesses shine in the online world.

    To the magic on the internet.

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