This is a UI / UX & Web Design Project.

Recruiting for Future // UI Design // Prototype // Agency Website

Market Research // User Interface Design // Prototype


Recruitment is a daunting task and so is applying for jobs. With so many variables to consider in this profession, a simple and straight-forward means of recruitment is a welcoming thing. 

Considering that there are a plethora of options on job boards, we worked on something simple for recruiters and job seekers. 

Zenith is a recruitment agency and a job board providing easy access to talent and recruiters to sign up and get a perfect match. With minimal design, clean visuals, and data-backed design, the solution was there to be implemented.

The Process

Market and Competition Research – There is extensive competition in job boards and recruitment agencies. And everyone focuses on providing a range of features to go all in. Since this is the traditional approach – we moved towards the modern.

UX and Wireframes – Translating research into ideas is the first phase of building something. And that we did with the Empathy Maps, User Journey Maps, Wireframes, and initial Prototype.

UI Design and Testing – Focus for this website was to create a complicated product in the simplest way possible while retaining the core functionalities, and beautiful aesthetics. A clean and modern choice of colors merged with crisp typography certainly proved useful.

Development and Support – Providing assets to developers and assisting in this phase is important. Therefore thorough development support with Real-time iterations was provided.

Love the design style and the use of colors. It is minimal yet extravagant and I am happy for the design and the quick turnaround.

// Anya @ Zenith

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