This is a UI / UX & Web Design Project.

Innovative Solutions // Digital Agency // Marketing


Andlang is a full-stack agency providing Design, Development, and Marketing solutions to a range of industries. 

And I had the pleasure to design their website. There are certain considerations when designing for an agency: 

  • the website should be marketable, 
  • and simple to understand 
  • yet should follow modern design trends since it is the main selling point of the agency 

How would clients trust your skills if your own shop is a mess?

The Process

Started the design process with: 


  • Market, Competition, and Audience Research and Analysis 
  • Then Empathy Maps, Information Architecture, Wireframes, and User Journeys 
  • Moved to UI Design and MVP Prototypes 
  • Finalized UI design and Moved to Development

My Role

  • Market Research

  • User experience

  • User Interface Design

This is one of my favorite projects due to an expressive, and bold design style.

One of, if not the best UI/UX designer. I own a UK/US based agency and this guy is the best designer I’ve came across. Amazing work, understanding on revisions, just fantastic.

// Harry @ Apollo

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