This is a Mobile & UI / UX Design Project.

Mental Health App // Meditation // UI Design // Prototype


Your mind is the core behind the machine that a human is, and taking care of this core is of utmost importance. We often get so caught up in the chaos of our daily lives that we overlook the vital importance of nurturing our mental well-being.

Luna is carefully crafted to offer a peaceful escape in a busy digital world. The user interface is beautifully designed with calming pastel colors. Every part of the app, from the welcoming start screen to the smooth transitions, radiates a sense of calm. Recognizing how aesthetics impact our emotions, the goal with Luna is to provide an experience of digital serenity and calmness.


The app is your personal companion on your journey to tranquility and self-care, offering you a range of mindfulness, thankfulness, and breathing exercises. Also featuring rooms where people talk about mental health, motivations and therapy session with top personalities. Allowing a safe space to share and discuss pain points and how to tackle them head-on. 

Luna empowers you to regain control of your life, allowing you to clear your mind and make sound decisions. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, or simply want to enhance your mental well-being, this application is your companion.

The Process

UX Research – Self-care products are trending these days, because of this saturation in the market, there is a need to bring minimalism in the designs for these products. Everyone focuses on jumbling up a range of features in a product that is for meditation and relaxation. Found the problem, on to the solution. Stripping down features and focusing on the immediate needs of users, we worked on creating a go-to self-help app which doesn’t overwhelm. 

UI Design and Testing – UI design focuses on minimalism to its core, removing unnecessary features, design elements, and miscellaneous. And created a design targeted towards the present needs of our users. Minimal, relaxing, and pastel. 

Development and Support – Asset exports, animation reviews, developer assistance, and other relative tasks handled with utmost care, to create a minimal masterpiece.

Take a Deep Breath

And be Thankful.

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