Space Runners

This is a Social Media Design Project.

Blockchain NFT // Social Media Design // Graphics // SM Strategy

My Role

  • Market Research
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Story Telling
  • Branding

Visual stories, and the objective

Visual storytelling is paramount. When tasked with creating a suite of social media graphics for an emerging blockchain-based NFT project, the objective was clear: to distill complex blockchain concepts into visually enticing graphics that resonate with both crypto-savvy and novice audiences.



These blockchain and NFT words can make heads spin. How do you show something so high-tech and complex on social media, where people just want to scroll and enjoy? Plus, there are lots of others trying to grab attention with their own flashy designs.

The fix?

Keep it simple and fun. Bright colors and big, easy-to-read words. And storytelling.

Showcasing the NFTs, integrating them as pieces in a story helped increase the project engagements exponentially.

A splash of colors in the cool monochrome world.

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